STATUS: Original.

YEAR: 2009.





➢  Step (1) Correction Paint.
➢  Step (2) Polished Fine.
➢  Step (3) Pre-Coating GYEON PRIMER.
➢  GYEON Ceramic Coating Protection & Ultra Gloss Finish.



This restoration project for this Porsche Cayenne GTS is one of the best examples of the best visual impressions from before to after correcting the paint and placing the ceramic coating; They were three (3) days of arduous correction work, we have to emphasize that the paint of this Porsche Cayenne is the original one, the client had NOT done any correction work before; which was reflected in the scratches that were
perceived in the bodywork; but we are very satisfied with the final result, which is seen in the joy of the client when receiving his car as if it were new from the agency.

Work Time: 3.5 days.



Believe it or not, Porsche’s best-selling car is an SUV. The Cayenne outsold Porsche’s signature 911 lineup in 2008, and that trend has continued this year.

With five Cayenne trim levels and two special editions, the SUV has almost as many variants as the 911, which gives it a huge range of consumer appeal. Positioned squarely in the middle of the Cayenne lineup is the GTS, which is the model I tested.

There’s no doubting the Cayenne’s authenticity as a performance SUV — after all, it’s a Porsche. As a modern SUV fit for everyday driving, however, it misses the mark. Even with $15,575 worth of upgrades and a $90,175 as-tested price, some seemingly useful features — that we see in much less expensive SUVs — were absent.

GTS, Defined
The GTS gets a 405-horsepower, 4.8-liter V-8, a standard air suspension with electronic adjustable dampening (you choose your preferred level of firmness) and a bevy of appearance add-ons. The Cayenne lineup ranges from $44,600 for a base Cayenne up to $123,600 for the Turbo S. The GTS starts at $70,900 for the manual version and $74,600 for an automatic.


The 405-hp V-8 moves the GTS quickly, but it isn’t what I’d call fast. Porsche says zero to 60 mph takes 6.1 seconds for the automatic version I tested, while the manual goes in 5.7 seconds. For similar dough, you can get a 555-hp BMW X5 M that scoots to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. Now that’s fast.

The best part of the GTS engine is the way it sounds. The V-8 changes tone with the push of a button: When the Sport button is pressed, an intoxicating soundtrack taunts you to play with the accelerator. I gladly obliged, even though it was a case of more bark than bite.



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