STATUS: Original.

YEARS: 2008.





➢  Step (1) Correction Paint.
➢  Step (2) Polished Fine.
➢  Step (3) Pre-Coating GYEON PRIMER.
➢  GYEON Ceramic Coating Protection & Ultra



We had to correct the defects that were in the clear coat of this VIPER; The best acknowledgment that we can receive apart from the happiness of the client, was the one that the same client confirmed to us that his VIPER won two prizes for its aesthetics and its conservation over time; Somehow we are happy with the work done on this car.

Work time: 2 days.



Say the words “Dodge Viper” in mixed company and you’re sure to get a few words back, some of which I can’t repeat here. The word that comes to my mind is “respect,” ranging from respect for Dodge’s audacity in producing this model in the first place to the respect required when driving one of the most powerful, fastest cars we have tested.

The Viper SRT10 is the least driver-friendly car we’ve evaluated in the sense that a racecar set loose on a city street can be very unfriendly if you don’t leave the Big Gulp and cell phone behind, know what you’re doing, and pay close attention at all times — the word “coddle” isn’t in the Viper’s vocabulary. That said, the 2008 Viper is more livable than ever in spite of engine changes that boost output to 600 horsepower in the 2008 model from the 510 hp in the 2006. (The 2007 model year was skipped.)

If you think the word to describe a car with 600 hp, a 0-60 time less than 4 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph is “overkill,” you’re starting to understand what the Viper is about. If you can’t accept that overkill is sometimes worthy of respect, well, perhaps we can show you something more in the four-door, four-cylinder variety. This two-door’s 10-cylinder was bored out for 2008, increasing its displacement from 8.3 to 8.4 liters — which translates to almost 513 cubic inches for those of you who remember how we used to quantify our V-8s. (Why the country rejected the metric system wholesale yet allowed its engines to be reduced to the level of a large soda bottle is one of life’s great mysteries.)




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